About Queka Real Partners

Queka Real Partners (“Queka”), is a Spanish private equity firm that combines experience of over 50 years investing in private equity and managing Spanish corporations. Mainly invest in non-listed companies in order to ensure solid development and to implement a sustainable growth strategy.

Solid businesses with great potential

We look for companies with a solid business and lots of potential, ones where value could be created, either through organic growth, acquisitions and/or mergers.

Entities registered with CNMV & CSSF

Quadriga Asset Managers and Queka Real Partners PEF 1 are entities registered with CMNV. Queka Real Partners is also registered with CSSF in Luxembourg.

Trust, the key to success

Queka invests in experienced and committed management teams.

We work together on joint growth-based business project, aligning our interests and values. This relationship of trust with our partners is key and is an essential factor in the success of our projects.

Great Positioning

Queka is made up of an experienced senior investment team with in-depth knowledge about buying and managing companies, making the firm very well positioned to execute investment strategies geared towards creating value at Spanish companies. The team is capable of providing attractive and innovative solutions that contribute to business development.

Lots of Flexibility

We have a lot of flexibility when addressing an offer. We are able to acquire either a majority or minority stake and, in some cases, structured solutions. They are high-value investments with a focus on (i) buying at atractive valuations and (ii) providing a creative structuring.

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