Responsible Management

Responsible management is part of Queka Real Partners philosophy and we apply it when we are working with investee companies.

We are fully aware of the importance not only of compliance with responsible investment standards but of actively promoting it so that it is implemented and developed in all areas that we manage and by our investee companies.

More socially responsible throughout the lifetime of the investment

One of our corporate objectives is for our investee companies to be more socially responsible at the time of disinvestment than when we joined as investors.

Therefore, we dedicate effort and resources right from the start when we invest in the companies and throughout the lifetime of the investments until divestment.

Trust, the key to success

Our commitment to responsible management not only includes social responsibility, environmental and good corporate governance standards. Ethics and promoting values are a key part of our philosophy and culture as a firm and we want to bring them to all the areas in which investee companies carry out their business activities.

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