Responsible Investment

Responsible investment is embedded in the philosophy of Queka Real Partners
and we implement it in our portfolio companies.


We recognize the need not only to comply with responsible investment criteria, but also to actively promote their implementation and development in all areas of our firm and portfolio companies.

Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to responsible management is not limited to social and environmental responsibility and good corporate governance standards; ethics and the promotion of values are an integral part of our philosophy and culture as a firm, and we want to extend them to all areas in our portfolio companies.

Becoming increasingly responsible throughout the investment

One of our main objectives is for our portfolio companies to be more socially responsible at the time of divestment than when we joined as investors.
Therefore, we dedicate effort and resources right from the start when we invest in the companies and throughout the lifetime of the investment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility. Respecting and promoting environmental, social and governmental aspects is part of our philosophy and we monitor each one of these aspects in all our business activities.
As part of our commitment to society, we have established an alliance with the NGO, engaging with a common objective aimed at balancing wealth in the world. We also make contributions to various organizations and foundations through our Donations Program. This program involves the contribution by the company of the same annual amount that all team members donate individually to different organizations, including Amigos de Rimkieta, Rainfer-Fundación Chimpatia, Banco de Alimentos, Fundación Entreculturas, Unicef, etc.